An ever-growing number of new producers, with medium-small production capacities, are appearing dynamically and flexibly on the horizon in this sector.

Local traditions and excellences, the biodiversity and constant innovation are “musts” of a successful market. For these reasons, we decided to commit ourselves to re-engineering certain supply chains in the agro-food sector as regards medium and small productions.



foodtechnologies & services

The synergy between technical experts and their related 25-year experience in the field of Food Processing & Beverage formed the Orion Engineering S.r.l. company. Its core-business focuses on the development of “tailor-made” solutions and the implementation of machines and plants for the agri-food processing.

At the level of the sustainable innovation, Orion Engineering S.r.l. offers solutions able to reduce both energy requirement and environmental impact, due to the agri-food production waste, by following a circular economy.

Orion Engineering S.r.l can be a partner always ready to support you in each step of your project with a multidisciplinary team-work of employees and experts in the sector, who will offer you a range of products and dedicated services from the development of the concept to its start-up.


The innovation brought by Orion Engineering S.r.l., makes the "zero km" business possible for every farmer. The creation of new business opportunities in developing markets, in rural areas or with landscape limitations can be achieved through tailor-made customized solutions inside the modified containers. Quality, tradition and EHEDG standards will guarantee your success.

  • Technical Consultancy in Agrobusiness
  • Development of Tailor-made Solutions
  • Factory Engineering Services
  • Complete Processing Lines 


The awareness of having to contribute to solving the problem of the disposal of waste, generated along the agri-food chain, is an ambitious goal for us that we intend to take on.

ORION ENGINEERING S.r.l., combining the synergies of its technical staff, is completing the development of a series of processes in this direction. The focus of the intervention concerns not only the transformation of raw materials, but the entire agri-food chain.

Our key to success is the implementation of these solutions also on small and medium flow plants. Because we firmly believe that man and the environment must remain at the center of an ethical and eco-sustainable business.

  • Factory Design & Food Machinery
  • Upgrade Equipment
  • Prototype Development 

Services & Recycling Systems 

Orion Engineering S.r.l. carries out ordinary and extraordinary maintenance activities on your systems with specialized technical staff. Predictive management of machinery maintenance can generate a 30% increase in the use of plants; in addition to savings of up to 40% in costs due to the shutdown of production lines and machinery.

Our maintenance activity can be carried out both on our own and third-party machines with the supply of original spare parts or adapted to the current conditions of the machine in use.

  •  Technical Consultancy in Agrobusiness
  • Development of Tailor-made Solutions
  • Factory Engineering Services
  • Complete Processing Lines


  • Pre-Season Technical Assistance
  • Technical Assistance During Production
  • Supply of Original Spare Parts
  • Guaranteed Adapted Spare Parts 


  • By-products of the Agri-food Chain
  • New Raw Materials from By-products
  • Renewable Energy from By-products 

Our modular and scalable systems

Ours are all modular and scalable systems, by purchasing the basic module you will already have availability for the subsequent expansion of the system without the need to buy a new complete machine, just purchase and install the necessary module.


Basic module

Initial phase

The evaporators of 75 tons of raw materials processed per day, are born as a basic plant for the transformation of tomato and fruit. They are scalable and pre-assembled solutions, developed specifically to make the evaporator the core of your production plant.



Transitional phase

The innovative solution implemented allows the doubling of production with the integration of a single dedicated module for simple assembly, without the need to change the structure of the existing base plant.


Expanded module

Final stage

The evaporators of the 150 ton raw material processed per day are the integrated multi-stage solution. All the solutions offered are compact, robust and designed according to EHEDG standards to ensure maximum quality of your production processes. Both evaporators are designed to mount our juice extraction units and the C.I.P. preparaton system for cleaning.