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Over 30 years of collaborations

Our reality

Our history and Mission​

The company ORION Engineering s.r.l. has a history that is based on over 30 years of collaborations between its members, both locally and internationally, with the main players in the Food Processing sector. This long experience in the field gave birth to ORION Engineering s.r.l., a company specialized in the design and development of tailor-made solutions for systems and prototypes in the agri-food sector, with a particular focus on small-medium productions.

What distinguishes us is the presence of a multidisciplinary team that has transversal skills in different areas. This diversity of knowledge allows us to tackle the most complex challenges and tailor our solutions to customers’ specific needs.

Our daily commitment, combined with constant research and development, has been the key to our success internationally. We are dedicated to providing innovative, tailored solutions to help businesses achieve their goals in the agri-food sector, demonstrating our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Our philosophy​

«System Engineering»
Through which we integrate all the disciplines and distinctive characteristics of our Team, generating a structured development process that proceeds from the conception of the concept to the commissioning of the system.

«Production chain»
The overall vision of our project starts from the raw material up to the packaging, taking into consideration all the activities related to it.

Our technical staff combines these two aspects to guarantee the client a successful business without neglecting the impact of these activities on our eco-system.

«System Engineering takes into consideration both the business and the technical needs of our customer.»
Food Processing Sector

A single step-by-step partner







  • Technical consultancy for business parameters
  • Supply chain analysis


  • Plant layout
  • Plant engineering accompanying the installation
  • Coordination and Technical Assistance with the client for the service systems accompanying the plant


  • Coordination and Technical Assistance with the client for civil works related to the plant


  • Plant start-up
  •  Operator training


  • Technical assistance
  • Evaluation of new products
  • Supply of spare parts