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Recycling of agro-industrial waste

Colloidal Pressing and First Treatment Unit

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Citrus pulp, as is known, is a by-product of the food processing industry consisting of lemon and orange waste subjected to the extraction of juice and essential oils. From a chemical-physical point of view, the so-called “pastazzo” is made up of residues of peels (60 ÷ 75%), pulp (30 ÷ 35%) and seeds (on average 0 ÷ 9% depending on the quality of the oranges and lemons being processed ).

Depending on the type of citrus fruit and the processing, the production of fresh pulp varies from 49% to 69% by weight of the fruit subjected to the transformation process. Sometimes the “pastazzo” also contains processing water absorbed during the production phases.

Citrus fruit pulp can be used in different ways, some of the best known concern the organic fertilization of soil, use in animal husbandry and the extraction of pectin: a thickening polysaccharide naturally present in fruit and widely used in the production of jams.