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Stabilisation and conservation process

Multistage vacuum concentration unit


The “Cratos Serie™” module is a multi-stage forced circulation evaporator of the 5000 Plus series with a production capacity of up to 85 tons/day. The synergy between this module and the “Kore Serie™” and “Athlaua Serie™” modules allows you to obtain tomato concentrate of the “Hot-break” or “Cold-break” type. Thanks to this technology it is possible to produce “double” and “triple” tomato concentrates and fruit purees with high Brix degrees. The same series of evaporators, appropriately reconfigured, allow fruit to be processed to obtain various types of purees.

The module is built in stainless steel to ensure complete compatibility with both washing liquids and the raw material in direct contact. The module consists of:

  • Bearing structure in construction steel S235JRC – Fe360.B
  • Ergonomic operator platform to facilitate maintenance phases
  • Vacuum separation chambers with stainless steel injection system for sanitizing solutions
  • Stainless steel steam injection shell and tube heat exchangers
  • Pump block and process management valves on skid (pre-tested)
  • Surface or mixture condenser based on the customer’s requests

Hybrid Sterilization Unit


The SATURNO Serie™ hybrid sterilization unit allows us to provide a multi-stage modular system complete with two main blocks:

  • PX1.0-TT intended for the product sterilization phase
  • HC1.0-TT intended for thermal pause phases and product cooling

The solution is the result of the R&D carried out by our staff to provide our customers with an economical, compact and scalable solution starting from the PX1.0-TT module previously supplied in the case of production with hot-filling type filling.

With the same philosophy with which the Cratos Serie™ evaporators are produced, this solution also uses the PX1.0-TT basic module prepared for future expansions.

Thus, our customers can integrate the pre-assembled HC1.0-TT module into the PX1.0-TT module they already have and be operational and ready to produce in a few days.

Hybrid Sterilization and Filling Unit

i-ASEPTIC 1.0 Serie™

The transition to industrial production with aseptic packaging requires a stabilization technology other than pasteurization.

As an option prepared for the SATURNO Serie™ module, we offer an aseptic filling head mounted in monobloc «Sterilizer + Filler» mode of pre-sterilized 220 kg bags or bins (1000 kg). This latest configuration transforms the SATURNO Serie™ module into i-ASEPTIC 1.0 Serie™.

A compact solution, easy to maintain and at the same time built around the operator on board the machine, making it ergonomic and safe in every phase of use.